Sunday, December 2, 2012

Buying LUSH Cosmetics from the UK is cheaper!!!

I love LUSH cosmetics to the point where I could call myself a Lushie.  However, whenever I walk into a store, I quickly realize why I don't buy more products than what I had high hopes of buying.  Bottom line: it can get expensive!  Now, this doesn't necessarily stop me from paying for a few favorites, but I can't help feel I have to hold back a bit.
And happened...
I started googling Lush and low and behold!---I came across a secret: You can buy LUSH cosmetics at a much lower price if you buy off the UK website!  So now that the secret it out, I'll show you what I mean.

Here is an example of what my checkout cart of my favorites look like from both sites:

                                                                UK Website

                                                             United States Website

In case you are wondering, 55.08 in British Pound Sterling is converted to about $88.38 USD.  I checked that all the weights and measurements were the same for each product because the UK measures in grams versus our ounces.  Rest assured, all is the same but the price.  As you can see, there is a significant $55.27 savings!!!  As you can probably also pick out is that there are some serious differences between certain products.  For example. the Vanishing Cream, which only comes in one (very small imo) size, is $42.95 in the States, but in the UK, it's only $23.39!--almost half the price!  Same goes for the Ocean Salt and many other products.

So have fun and shop a little...on the UK site.  My suggestion is to keep the BPS to USD and ounces-grams converter up.  It was actually really fun for me to play around with both websites to see how much I could really save!

With that all being said, maybe my next post will be reviews on my favorite LUSH products ;)

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